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My Name is Sandra Mago. I'm the person behind the creative universe - MagoMade - which I started back in the summer of 2021. However I have been crocheting since the first corona-lockdown in 2020. I have an education in multimedia design and communication and I'm currently finishing my bachelors degree in web developement. The last year MagoMade has simply been a little side project but as I had to do an internship on my last semester and here got the opportunity to be an intern in my own company, it came very naturally that I started putting my time and effort into my small and growing business. The dream is to make my hobby a career one day.

MagoMade takes inspiration from my Filipino roots, which is also where the name Mago originates from. Although I grew up in Denmark, Filipino culture has alway been a big part of my everyday life thanks to my mama, who was born and raised in the festive and culturally rich country. My brand is greatly based on my love for flashy and wild colours which can be seen in the majority of my creations. This love arose all the way back from visits to my family in the Philippines as a child - visits to my lola's (grandmother in Cebuano) colorful home with a flashy pink facade, turquoise garden chairs and the azure sea almost right in the backyard.

Lola's Front Porch in the Philippines Fuchsia Crochet Bucket Hat & Green Crochet Mini Bag

I primarily make crochet patterns and guides with the goal of making crochet easier and more accessible to everyone - whether you are a complete beginner or experienced. My recipes are modern and contemporary. It is clear that many of the crochet patterns available online today are aimed at an older audience, and there is a lack of designs and patterns aimed at a younger generation. My goal is to fill this gap.

It's important to me that my recipes and guides are easy to understand and are described in detail. Crochet patterns can often be a struggle to read and understand with all the abbreviations and diagrams that they can contain, especially as a beginner. Therefore, my recipes contain both a detailed and a simplified guide or step-by-step pictures so that everyone can follow along.

In addition to being contemporary, my recipes are also simple and easily adaptable in the sense that you can use the recipe to create a piece of clothing in exactly the colors you like, in a carefully selected yarn type and in a adaptable pattern in the hopes that it can give the clothes a longer life and break with the use-and-throw-away culture. At the same time, my recipes are easy and easy to understand, which means that you can enjoy the process of crocheting your own clothes without major problems.

With love,

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